When to clean gutters is one of the most common doubts of most homeowners. Various factors can clog the gutters, provoking structural damage in the foundation or creating infections. As it is one of the main parts attached to the roof edges to guide the rainwater, it should function properly at any time.

Keep reading this blog to identify the common signs that will tell you when is the best time to clean gutters. Perhaps you are about to suffer basement flooding because your gutter is cracked, and you are not paying attention to that.

4 Common Signals to Identify Clogged or Damaged Gutters

Here are 4 common signals of when to clean gutters that will help you to avoid accidents, structural damages, and illnesses regarding damaged or clogged gutters:

  1. Weed growing on the gutter
  2. Water leaks on the gutter borders
  3. Pest and mosquitoes around the gutter
  4. Water flow is not usual during rains

Plant and Weed Growing on the Gutter

When there is a rainy season and leaves and dirt already clog the gutter, these two elements become rich soil for new weeds. The water has disintegrated the leaves, and the particles become the seeds.

This situation is worse because it could totally block the water flow, creating a leaky roof. If you have trees near the gutter, it is vital to clean the downspout to get rid of leaves to avoid any future problems.

Water Leaks on the Gutter Borders

As mentioned before, the weed growth blocks the water flow, so the water looks for other ways to exit. This is the most common issue on gutters, and it provokes downspout joints to separate due to corrosion. Also, it leads to cracks due to the water-clogged pressure on the borders.

Furthermore, as the channel is clogged, water doesn't drip properly off, affecting the foundation. Also, this problem is common on old gutters. So, if you count on an old one, it’s the right moment to change it. It’s crucial to restore gutters before heavy rainy seasons.

Remember that sometimes the same water damages everything on the way.

Pest and Mosquitoes Around the Gutter

Struggling with mosquitoes, ants, roaches,  termites, centipedes, wasps, and other insects in your house, maybe the reason is the leaky gutter. If the drain is blocked and there is standing water, it is ideal for pests.

The main issue with insects and pests is the eggs they leave on the water, increasing more insects living in the gutter. These new insects could lead to some mosquito-borne diseases that are prejudicial for humans.

You can see many of these insects flying around the gutter, and It's crucial to get rid of these pests as soon as you see them.

Water Flow is not Usual During Rains

Over the years, there have been some months when there are heavy rains. Most of the time, if your gutter is in optimal condition, you won’t have water spills or water leaks, and the water flow will be great. But with the problems mentioned above, probably the flow will be blocked.

Water block on the downspout can male the drain burst, provoking basement flooding and damaging your home.

Get Assisted By Professionals

Suppose you have already asked yourself when to clean gutters. Well, it's recommendable to clean them two or three times a year.

If you want gutter maintenance or installing a new one, our professional and trained team is the best performing properly cleaning or installation. Use our channel to request a free quote, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.